“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,
 but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.

                                                                                                                 - Romans 12:2


Sharing our Heart from One Pastor to Another

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We now provide many of our services for FREE to ministries, and our printing service on apparel & promotional products at cost for ministries. We are here to serve ministries, not profit off of them.



No one understands & appreciates a Pastor more than another Pastor!

As a fellow  pastor, we understand the sacrifices you often make for the sake of your congregation, both in time and money. We know of the spiritual, mental & physical stress that is a constant part of your life. Hence, we created A New Identity Group with you in mind! We are excited to introduce to you our new services in helping you and your ministry, with many of these services for Free.

Free Church logos & graphic design for
ministry purpose

You read the heading correctly, it is free, no hidden requirements or exceptions. We are doing this to help you and your ministry to have a high quality professional look when communicating the gospel to your congregation or as outreach. . So, start sending us all your graphic needs, church logo needing designed, upcoming event poster, social media ads, banner design, outreach flyers or brochure, whatever you need. Click on the  link to the right to be taken to a request form for artwork and we will contact you to get further information to complete your request.


Church logo bannerhttps://rondean.formstack.com/forms/artwork_request_form



Fundraising Programs

Often the church has a need for fundraising for a particular ministry need, such as the youth, Men or Women’s ministries, or perhaps Sunday school or just the church in general.

We can provide you with bulk products to sell, or provide a FREE online store where there is no need of inventory expense, simply promote the store with selected product(s) and we do the rest, all you need to do is promote the store, and receive the profits.

Church Online Store

We offer a unique opportunity for your church to have its very own FREE online store that has apparel and products with your church name, logo, and perhaps a ministry slogan for your congregation to purchase, promoting the church and ministries. The store also has religious apparel and products available for Christians in general to purchase, and the opportunity for anyone to receive custom apparel and products for special occasions, events, and seasonal holidays. Since we sell the products for cost to you, you can keep the prices low for your congregation to purchase products at a great price, or you can use the site as a fundraiser and place whatever percentage over cost you desire. Click HERE to be directed to the online page for further details, and to view current online stores to get a good idea what your store could look like.


Online store banner1

Ministry giveaway banner


Ministry Special Event Giveaways

Ministries often giveaway promotional items during special events and occasions, such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day, Father’s day, and others. We have a wide array of products available to choose from at cost, making it extremely affordable, meeting all budgets.

Custom Apparel & Ministry Promotional Products

Providing custom apparel and ministry promotional products at cost. Our  premise is making it affordable for all level of ministries, helping our fellow pastors, and spreading the gospel and His kingdom, as true servants of the Lord.

Our motto: Service over profits every time.


Custom banner

Contact me (Pastor Ronald Hebel) with any questions of the services above
rhebel@anigroup.org or call me at (618) 601-1424