“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,
 but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.
Romans 12:2

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Bluffview church 2

Custom Prayer Cards
2” x 3.25” on 30 mil PVC
plastic (credit card quality)


We can custom design a prayer card with your church picture on one side along with your church information. On the other side you may choose from one of our many prayer selection designs, or design your own prayer back.






You can Mix & Match any combination you would like - however it needs to be increments of 25
All cards are priced for two sides






Business card front

Custom Business Card
2” x 3.25” on 30 mil PVC
plastic (credit card quality)


We can custom design this card into your pastoral calling card as well with your church information and your picture. On the other side print your ministry information. Lots of possibilities with these amazing looking cards.






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Use one of our many prayer backs or design your own card that personally reflects you and your ministry














Bluffview church S


Emergency S


Eternity S










Vertical church front suggestion


Back 1


Back 2










Full Armor S


All things S


Faith S










Back 3


Back 4


Back 5










Give thanks 2 S


Give thanks S


I can do S










Back 6


Back 7


Back 8










Knew you S


Know plans S


Light shine S










Back 9


Back 10


Back 11










Not ashamed S


seek S


She is clothed S










Back 12


Back 13


Back 14










suffer now S


Trust S


Whatever is S










Back 15


Back 16


Back 17










Body temples S


But God S


Ephesians 2 8 S










Back 18


Back 19


Back 20










God is Hope S


Hatred Love S


Healed S










Back 21


Back 22


Back 23










I can do all S


Jesus S


Let the words S










Back 24


Back 25


Back 26










Never lose hope S


Prayer changes S


Remain in me S










Back 27


Back 28


Back 29










Shall supply S


Trust in 2 S


Trust in S










Back 30


Back 31


Back 32














    PRICING GUIDE (sold in units of 25)







25 prayer cards .


$1.75 each



50 prayer cards .


$1.50 each



75 prayer cards .


$1.25 each



100+ prayer cards .


$  .99 each



For orders 500 or more prayer cards


- call for special pricing







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Give us a call to discuss your needs
(618) 281-3090







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